Greetings, from wherever!

We’re Jonathan and Linda and like many people, travel is our passion. But we come from two very different worlds! Linda from Bangladesh and Jonathan from Canada. While Linda spent much of her childhood hopping around various Asian countries, Jonathan hadn’t stepped foot on a plane until he was 15.

These two worlds eventually came together in Toronto, Canada in 2007 and Linda has since completely converted Jonathan from a frozen dinner connoisseur to a passionate lover of (real) food. For the last ten years, we have been nurturing a mutual travel bug that has further stimulated our search for great food. We created this blog as a way to share our experiences in food and travel.



We love food. As in, food is pretty much all we think about (although it wasn’t always this way). But cooking food for ourselves at home always left us with this insatiable desire to get on a plane and seek out the real stuff made by the hands of real locals. So naturally, every chance we get to hop on a plane, we’re doing just that.

We prefer street side carts to high end silverware most days. We share our dishes as a means to eat more dishes. Honestly, we struggle with the concept of “appropriate portions” and often eat until we’re quite literally full. Metabolism, don’t fail us now!


We’re the type of people who really enjoy exploring the backstreets of a city we’ve just stepped into. Or getting our hands (literally) into unusual cuisines. Or favouring a sweat-soaked shirt to an air-conditioned taxi if it means a more thorough and realistic experience.

But when our day comes to an end, we want fluffy sheets and a hot shower. Not only does it refuel our bodies for another day of discoveries, but it gives us a greater sense of security while we’re out and about (not to mention our food-induced comas require special treatment).

Linda has a knack for finding an affordable yet luxurious place to stay wherever she goes. Which makes sense, because she also has a knack for sleeping in!

We love to hotel-hop and get to know as many different places as we can when we travel, so we pack light.



Jonathan is one of the most restless humans you may ever meet. Can’t. Sit. Still. This means that if there is an alternate route from here to there, chances are he’ll at least try to find it. But while it may take longer to get there, it has resulted in some of our favourite memories. Like the riverboats taxis and hidden ferry docks in Bangkok. Or the lagoons in Tulum.

We believe in using our bodies to get us there; avoiding cars as much as possible. We believe in seeing where a mysterious road will lead. We have reaped the benefits of a stroll through the alleyways in Thailand; the beauty in the furthest points of Iceland or the hospitality behind the doors of Bangladesh.

We understand what they mean when they say the journey is as important as the destination.

But all of this on a budget.

This is our thing. It really doesn’t matter where we end up -- we want to see the world! But what's important to us is that while we fulfill our travel aspirations, we also avoid unnecessary spending. Not just on the road but everyday.

We don’t over-plan our trips, we support sustainable travel, and we don't undercut our experiences. We simply want to use these five senses to absorb as much of this world as we can. 

Follow along as we traverse the Earth on a budget!

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