Passion Without Purpose

I’ve always struggled with the term ‘passion’. People always talked about it — this empowering emotion that one pursues as a means to building an idyllic life. 

I mean, I often thought that I had passions. They felt like what these folks were talking about but they existed within a constant rotation of new projects that fell in and out of my general interest. Countless times I had picked up that guitar and set it back down ten minutes later. 

Over the years, I cycled through various forms of music, wood-working, cooking, and arts but one by one the drive faded. Every week I had a new answer to the “what do you want to be when you grow up” question. 

Eventually my ‘passions’ didn’t make me feel passionate. The more I tried to find something that would get my heart pumping, the more I accepted the idea that I was destined to be that guy who knew a little about everything but not a lot about anything. 

But then I met a girl. She accepted my invitation to hang out and with high hopes, my goal was a kiss by the end of the night. 

Little did I know she’d change my whole world.

She brought me to new countries with new cultures! She introduced me to new foods and flavours! But most importantly, she showed me passion! I finally understood what it all meant and it pulled me out of the grey world I’d been existing in and threw me head first into a colourful life full of travel experiences I had never imagined! 

Turns out it wasn’t a small world, after all.

But passion is a funny thing. What they don’t tell you about passion is that it doesn’t always equate to purpose. And so here I am, a small body in a world far greater than myself. A world in which I never believed I could make a difference. It’s that purpose that I still seek. 

There is so much more to learn about myself and what it is that I can contribute. Yet I know I belong out there. I’ve felt that passion; it tugs at my heart (and my tastebuds, if we’re being honest).


I’ve witnessed both the beauty and the despair on the other side of the world but only to the extent that I could still make my flight back home. And so I yearn for the opportunity to lead those still living in grey into a world of colour. To break down stereotypes through my words while further challenging my own understanding of the world.

This passion of mine drives me forward, with a desire to grow. I mustn’t sit still. So onward I go! 

With this journey around the world, discovery becomes more internal than external. It’s about personal growth; development of skills. Challenging one’s fears and overcoming objectives. It’s time for me to pursue this passion and discover my purpose.

And then maybe try my hand at the guitar.