Where? Wing’s Kitchen. 1141 Highbury Avenue N. London, Ontario
Hours? 11am-11pm, closed Tuesdays.
Total Spent for Two: $25, inc. tip and 10% discount with cash.

Today we had a craving that up until this point, we had never really needed to satisfy here in London: Dim Sum. Little did we know that this random craving would result in us raving over frozen strawberries! 

It’s not that we don’t enjoy or indulge when the opportunity arises, but I can’t say that we’ve ever gone out of our way to seek out dim sum. 

But today we did, and to our surprise, the top rated dim sum in the city was just five minutes from home, in an uninspiring plaza. We’ve been driving past this place several times a week but never gave it a second glance.

Sitting humbly among a handful of Ma & Pa shops, Wing’s Kitchen doesn’t give off the vibe that you’re about to be hit with a phenomenal food experience. Full disclosure: we totally thought we were walking into a boring, run-of-the-mill Chinese restaurant. 

Well, you know what they say about assumptions!

The interior is inviting; a hodge-podge of fancy-dining elements mixed with all the standard Chinese restaurant decor you’d expect to find — but with a dash of cute. 

On one side, the lovely warm lighting and beautiful artwork sets the mood. At the back, the dining-table-turned-office-desk tells me they’re busy. 

But it’s the giant Minions water scene decal on the other side that tells me there’s something special about this place. 

IMG_1878 12.25.29 AM.JPG

As soon as we entered, we were welcomed by one of the lovely owners of the restaurant, she promptly seated us and made friendly small talk. We ordered water; unfortunately the tea wasn’t free. 

There are two menus: one for dim sum and one for everything else. They’re well known for their Canadian-Chinese dishes but let’s be honest — we were not here to eat chicken balls! We made our choices from the dim sum menu and while we waited for our food, we observed as the restaurant owners efficiently served our fellow diners. They were quick, attentive and had no qualms about making conversation or answering questions.


Tripe With Ginger

Unlike most chewy experiences with tripe, this one just melts in your mouth. They’ve paired it with ginger to create a light and fresh taste. The flavours are not over-powering which makes this an excellent palate cleanser between dishes.

Garden Dumpling

This crunchy turnip-filled pastry is a pleasant break from the plentiful meat options. They’re packed with flavour and a slightly spicy kick that will slowly sneak up on you.

Supreme Shrimp Dumplings

Moist, simple, and almost sweet. The shrimp has the perfect consistency and they explode with juicy flavour in every bite. 

Shanghai Pork Dumplings

You could pass on these. The outer shell was a bit tough and took away from the meaty insides. It’s paired with a tangy vinegar that rescues the taste. An unusually bland item, compared to the other dishes!

Curried Baby Squids

These were the star of the dim sum show! Bathed in a pool of remarkable curry sauce, these succulent squids are prepared with the ideal balance between buttery and bouncy. 

Overall, each one of the items ordered were cooked to perfection! The seafood was particularly notable; each bite prompting a sigh of delight from both of us. 

We were so impressed, we pulled out the dessert menu and requested a new durian crystal bun and the custard tarts only to find out that neither or them were available at that time. But our server was quick to resolve our dessert discouragement and made a suggestion. We took the offer.

Mango Glutinous Rice Dumpling

They are adorably squishy! We weren’t sure what to expect but assumed it would be the same consistency all the way through. Again our assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth! 


The outer layer is mango flavoured and dusted with a sweet white powdered sugar. As you bite into it, the texture is gelatinous and sticks to your teeth a little bit. Then a pleasant surprise appears in the middle — whipped cream and a frozen strawberry! 

The outer texture may put you off a little bit if you’re sensitive to textures but the taste and execution are phenomenal! 

After some great conversation, we paid and went on our way. But honestly, the rest of our day was spent raving about those unexpected frozen strawberries and how all of those flavours married so well together.