tulum travel Guide

Everything you need to know to prepare for your laid back, budget-friendly, bohemian adventure is right here. 


Getting to Tulum

Once you've arrived at the Cancun Airport, there are plenty of options for getting you to Tulum. And when you're there, the options are just as plentiful to get you around town. 

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Where to Stay

If there's one thing Tulum has lots of, it's places to stay. But there's more to this decision than just which hotel to choose. In Tulum, you have the opportunity to truly cater your trip to your individual preferences.  


Decision #1: Will you stay in town or at the beach?

One of the most important decisions you'll make is which location you'd prefer to stay at. Both options have their pros and cons but we believe one is greater than the other. 


Decision #2: What type of place do you want to stay in?

Tulum has something for everyone. So you'll need to decide if you want the pricey life of luxury or something a little more casual. 

Where to Eat

For such a tiny town, Tulum certainly has a lot of food options! You can eat at fancy (and expensive) restaurants by the beach if that's your thing, but we suggest dining in town. It would cost you less to take a taxi (or better yet, rent a bike!) into town to eat than it would to dine at the beach restaurants. And the food is SO much better.


the best food in tulum

While there are plenty of options to choose from, these restaurants will keep you satisfied from breakfast to late night snacks. If you want a fancy night out, you can check out the restaurants by the beach. The atmosphere is fantastic but I have to say, the food just isn't as tasty!


when the novelty of tacos wears off

The tacos in Tulum are amazing but... after days of tacos, you might be interested to try some other options. When those cravings hit, get a table at any of these places. 


And when you're thirsty...

There are some pretty amazing drinks, too!

What to Do

Despite Tulum's reputation of being a sleepy beach town, there is a whole bunch of adventure to be found! It doesn't matter which direction you take, you'll come across somewhere to explore. 


take a road trip to the south!

An often ignored adventure lies just 20 minutes south of Tulum. A little road trip, a dip in a lagoon, a trek through the jungle and some Mayan ruins. Get up close and personal with a whole lot of nature!

And if you're brave, climb to the top of the tower for a view over the trees.


If you're still itching for more adventure

There's so much more to see! From beaches with turtles, and ruins with cenotes; your days will surely be packed.


how about a challenge with a big pay off?

I dare you to wake up at 5 a.m. and race the sunrise to the beach! 

I promise it's worth it.

Additional Tips


Did you remember to pack your poncho?

We didn't! But some lessons have to be learned the hard way, right? Or the really, really soaking wet way.

Here are some important things to consider as you create your packing list for Tulum. 


Did we miss anything? Do you have any additional questions? We'd love to hear from you and help in any way we can.