Where to Sleep: Tulum

When it comes to places to stay, Tulum has a little bit of something to suit all preferences. It’s great in that from start to finish, you can cater your vacation to be exactly the way you want it to be. Whether you’re a committed beach-lover or an adventure-seeker, Tulum has what you need.


All-Inclusive Resorts $1000+/trip

If your idea of a getaway is to sit by the pool or beach all day, Pina Colada in hand at no extra charge, while you soak up the Caribbean sun, then look no further!

This is the epitome of escaping everyday life. Pay one lump sum of money and everything is ready for you, no questions asked: flight, drinks, food, snacks, beach access, hotel room, service and miscellaneous amenities. 

The only problem here is that while you can find these in Tulum if you do some digging, you’ll have very few options to choose from. If this is your thing, you might choose to stay outside of the Tulum area. Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Puerto Moreles or even Cancun may be a better location for you.

We tend to avoid this option but we’re told that the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya is a solid choice. Location wise, it’s great; you can get to Tulum in under an hour for a day trip or for a quick afternoon excursion, hop over to the famous Akumal beach and several cenotes in the area.

High End Beach Resort $200+/night

On the other hand, if you prefer to go all out and vacation in luxury, Tulum Beach has no shortage of options for you! There are adults-only or family friendly options to suit your needs. 

As you could imagine, the price tag on these resorts can be quite high. There are smaller boutique hotels and full-scale beach resorts. Of course, the closer you get to the beach, the higher the price seems to get.

With plenty of variations, I’d suggest filtering your options based on your needs. But Papaya Playa Project has always been somewhere we’ve wanted to check out, if only for their uber-chill beachside setup. 


Eco-Resorts $400+/night

Tulum is renowned for it’s eco-friendly efforts. Mexico has taken great care in preserving the Sian Ka’an Biosphere in this area and that diligence seems to have rubbed off on the local residents. Hotel developers have taken note of the trend and followed suit with eco-focused resorts. 

Some, like Azulik Eco Resort and Spa, are so committed to the concept that they function almost entirely off the grid. Their open-air, tree house style lofts offer a truly back-to-nature experience. 


Alternatively, if you don’t need that high end feel, there are smaller, less expensive places like Harmony Glamping Tulum, who provide beautiful tents with outdoor washrooms and minimal to no electricity — at a fraction of the price compared to the resorts.

If you want a genuine bohemian experience, this is where you need to be.


AirBNB In Town $30+/night

Our favourite option is to spent the night right in town. Tulum’s city centre has numerous AirBNB hosts who would be happy to take you in. If you’re not content spending all of your time sitting on the beach, this area is a hub for adventure. To the east you have the beach, to the south you have the biosphere, to the west you have cenotes and ruins.

But the best part is how accessible food and drinks are. There are so many great places to eat in town and they are a lot tastier than anything you’ll find in the hotel zone (at least in our humble, spicy-palate opinion). 

And the beach is just 20 minutes away by bicycle.

Boheme Bed & Breakfast: a funky AirBNB option in Tulum.

Boheme Bed & Breakfast: a funky AirBNB option in Tulum.

Where Will You Sleep in Tulum?

It really comes down to personal preferences but Tulum has you covered in most cases. We found Airbnb to have the most bang for your buck, so long as you’re willing to forego beachside living in favour of a 20 minute bike ride and alternative options. 

But really, if you haven’t roamed the town of Tulum on a bike, you haven’t truly experienced Tulum. 

Sleep wisely!