5 Drinks You Must Try in Tulum

Cinnamon Roll from Burrito Amor

Cinnamon Roll from Burrito Amor

It’s hot out there! When you’re discovering new places, there’s nothing more important than staying hydrated. If you don’t, you’ll be burnt out before dinner time. 

When you’ve had your fill of water and you need some flavour in your life, grab one of these five options!

First thing in the morning: Iced Chai Latte at Babel Cafe. 

A perfect combination of flavours come together for this day-starter. This simple cafe has plenty of other options if you’re a serious coffee drinker (we are not). But I overheard plenty of other cafe-goers remark about how tasty the coffee was. 


An important tip for this cafe is to speak very slowly if you can’t order in Spanish. They will nod as if they understood but will show up with a completely different drink. After our second mishap, we chose to just point at the item on the menu instead of try to explain. 

It’s located just down the street from the ADO Bus Station so we also grabbed one for the road on our way back to Cancun.

Brunch time smoothie: Cinnamon Roll at Burrito Amor. 

I loved this one so much that I returned on two or three different occasions specifically on a mission for this drink. They blend together almond milk with oats, yogurt, fresh cinnamon, and banana. 


Do not miss out on the opportunity to try this drink. There are other options at Burrito Amor but I was far too obsessed to consider trying something else. 

Mid day pick-me-up: Iced Green Tea Latte or the Iced Hot Chocolate at Ki Bok. 

This place is pretty neat. During the day, they serve cafe drinks from a street-facing bar and by night they open up the only rooftop bar in Tulum for cocktails. The alcoholic drinks were pretty average but the lattes were wonderful.


You can order both drinks in a hot or iced version. The flavours were robust — the green tea had a strong matcha flavour and the hot chocolate with a lovely hazelnut/chocolate blend. 

Pre-dinner sweet treat: The pink drink at UNO: Japanese Noodles.

You might as well try the ramen while you're there. 

You might as well try the ramen while you're there. 

Our server recommended a pink strawberry drink that we didn’t catch the name of. But following a hearty bowl of ramen, it was a great way to finish off the meal. It was light, almost a tea consistency, and flavoured similar to a strawberry yogurt. 

Post-dinner party time: Sugar Cane Mojito at Batey’s.

Time to kick it up a notch? Once you’ve exhausted your happy hour drinks next door, hop over to Batey’s for the best mojito in Tulum. 

What makes this bar unique is the VW Beetle that they’ve converted into a sugar cane press. As you enjoy your mojito, you can watch them prepare the fresh sugar cane that ends up accenting your drink, 


There are a few options to choose from. We went with the Tricolor (sweet) and the Maya (spicy).  Both were good but the Tricolor was the big winner. These drinks are filled with chunks of drink-specific ingredients, fresh mint, and a long stick of sugar cane to gnaw on. 

But don’t forget the water!

Stop by the 7/11 and pick up a large bottle of water for under 15 pesos. Keep it with you and sip throughout the day. 

Especially if you had too many mojitos.